Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thursday Thirteen 2/4/10

I recently transferred from one store to another, so here are

Thirteen things I've learned since I transferred to the new store:

1. I lived across the street from my old store, and now drive 45 mins one way to get there. Apparently having the extra time to wake up and sing along as loudly as I want is a good thing, though. I'm the kind of girl that gets up in the morning just in time to get ready and get to work. No leisurely breakfast or reading the newspaper for me. That is especially true now that I have to commute in the morning and at the same time have to be to work an hour earlier than I did at my old store. I am discovering, however, that all of a sudden I am more productive in my first hour at work since I started having the extra drive. Who knew?

2. 45 min drive vs 2 minute walk = triple the monthly gas bill. Yuck.

3. Sunny Han's is still some of the best Chinese food I've had. Takes some getting used to because it's not a lot of sauces and fried things, but their brown rice and steamed vegetables are just so good.

4. Apparently I am not the only one who doesn't like to throw things away, because there is an astonishing amount of stuff in the back room that was here when I managed here two years ago.

5. Sing along songs are more important to a good driving cd than just a fast beat.

6. Mt. Hood is almost heartbreakingly beautiful at sunrise.

7. I actually am a better manager now than I was two years ago.

8. No matter what city my office is in, it's still the same job.

9. Muscle memory for things like where supplies are and the best path across the parking lot to Quiznos works even after two years away.

10. Change really can reenergize you, even when you aren't unhappy with the way things are.

11. 6:00 is still too dang early to get up in the morning, and I still don't want to have to be in bed by 10:00.

12. I must be developing more of a routine schedule, since Fluffy the cat is usually waiting for me at the window when I pull into the carport.

13. Coffee's On is still a great place to go. They remembered me, which was very nice. They even remembered that I didn't have a favorite drink, but get something different almost every day.


  1. I'm a last minute commuter, too, but extra time only makes me crash at lunch.

  2. A 45-min commute would kill me. Glad you are enjoying the change of pace and scenery!

    My Thursday Thirteen

  3. I'd definitely need decent music for a 45 min commute.

  4. Once I was able to burn my own CDs, I was fond of making "driving mixes" - one for the drive to work, one for the drive home.

    And I had a 45-minute commute, too! Ick!

    Glad to hear it hasn't been thoroughly traumatic, though. :)

  5. 45 minutes...i'd be investing in a few audio books. Glad you're adjusting to the commute. A agree, change can be energizing. Happy T13!

  6. Music is good - breakfast is good - the view of Mt. Hood is better. I love being able to see something really beautiful.

    I'm in the minority - I don't mind long commutes.

  7. It's good to know that something good can come out of a commute drive. I've always hated them, but your attitude is the way to go.

  8. What a wonderful list! Your attitude is always inspiring. This was a really great read. The stuff in the back room is funny, and how your body remembered things. I'm glad you feel you're a better manager. That's so cool! Also, it's nice to be remembered at establishments like that. I like the idea of audio books, too, though singing is great. Or I could send you my Japanese lesson audio companion. o_O Long distance hugs to you!

  9. Personally, I love long drives. I have driven from New Orleans to Philly in 20 hours straight, only stopping for pizza in Tennesse. But it is the traffic that drives me nuts. That was the reason I learned about the joys of Satellite radio. You can find something you like and not have to worry about limiting it to only 19 songs or so... plus no commercials! (i am not being paid by SiriusXM either, i promise!)

  10. Next you'll have to do your commute playlist!!!!
    I'm glad this is working out for you.

  11. Great TT! Glad it's going well!


    My TT is at

  12. Aww. What a cool list!! I agree with you on the 6 o'clock thing. You know Robin Williams' rift in Good Morning Vietnam? "What's the "Oh" for? OH MY GOD, IT'S EARLY!" :)

  13. I wouldnt make it. I struggle to make my 15 min commute on time. I thoroughly underestimate how much time I have to travel.

    Though singing along loudly is the next best thing to a hover car. Glad the change isnt totally a bust.

  14. OMG! A 45 minute commute?! ACK! That would kill me. LOL I bet Mt. Hood at sunrise would be worth it though. :)

  15. When I stopped my long commute and moved to a place closer to my home I was amazed at the difference in our gas bill. What a shock that must be to your budget.
    Agree about the change, almost always a good thing, but never without stress.
    The fact the people at your coffee place remember you must be gratifying, the knowledge that you've grown as a manager, priceless.