Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Thirteen Jan 14

I have had such a hard time coming up with Thursday Thirteens the last couple weeks! For some reason the first part of the week has just been all about rush rush rush. So while my body is tired, the real problem is that I am mentally exhausted.

So here are thirteen things I do to rest and reenergize my mind.

1. If it's night time, I go to bed. Sometimes it's hard to stop the momentum, but a little extra sleep never hurt.

2. Take another look at the schedule. Do I really need to be to work at 8am, or can I take an extra 30 minutes and pet the cat?

3. Stop hitting the snooze button and get up on time. Skimping on time to get ready and getting a few extra winks sounds like a good idea, but for me if I start the day rushing around, I'll just keep doing it.

4. Get dressed up. Not schmancy date dressed up, necessarily, but the full daily routine. Again, it takes time, so there's no rushing through it. Second of all, if you do rush, it tends to show. Knowing I look barely presentable never makes me feel good. But the little buzz when someone compliments hair or clothes because I took time with them is a definite boost.

5. Find the right music. It would seem like you would want something super peppy and energetic, but for me that is not the case. The point is to stimulate the brain and wake it up, not really to exercise it. I have cd's like The Art of Concentration from Lifescapes, Zen Grooves from Avalon, and Hemispheres from Sharper Image that are upbeat enough to give me energy without being intrusive or edgy.

6. Watch TV on DVD. The episodes are short enough that it's easier to just stop and go to bed when you're ready, rather than feeling like you need to finish a whole movie. And there's no commercials blasting at you, wearing out your eyes and brain.

7. Go to Jamba Juice instead of Starbucks. Caffeine is a good thing, but Jamba Juice can do more to give my whole body energy, and not just my brain.

8. Reread a favorite book. I know, we hardly find time to fit in all the new stuff we want to read, but for me, although reading itself is always a pleasure, reading new books can be stimulating rather than relaxing for my mind.

9. Make plans with a friend. Me, I call my mom and see if she's free for dinner. Having plans after work is the best way I know to make myself leave on time. I should be smart enough to do it on my own, but sometimes I have to give myself a little help.

10. Make a to-do list. Having a visible representation of what you need to get done, and then being able to check it off can really give you a boost.

11. Smile at someone and ask how they're doing. No matter how busy you are you really do have five minutes to make someone else feel good, and the personal contact makes you feel good, too. Not to mention it slows you down just a little.

12. Go for a fifteen minute walk. Just another way to STOP for a few minutes. A walk gets your adrenaline flowing, which makes your body feel better, and your mind can relax.

13. Breathe. Just take a deep breath. It helps!

Have a very happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I've been tired a lot lately too, and just resolved to start exercising again. I think it helps tremendously--like those fifteen minute walks.

  2. It takes you 30 minutes to pet the cat?

  3. It's almost doesn't seem right that exercise would make you have more energy when you're already tired, but done in moderation, it really does. I hope it works for you, Ella.

    Alice, I was mostly dozing and letting stories play out in my head and the cat happened to be sitting next to me, lol. I can't say that Fluffy would even want to be petted for 30 minutes as a rule, but we both seemed good with it this morning.

  4. I cannot emphasize enough how important naps are.

  5. I definitely don't like rushing around in the morning. I get up early so I can take my time, enjoy my coffee and pet Pookie the cat who insists on his laptime. Very nice list. Happy Thursday!

  6. Wow! I LOVE this list! What great ideas! Thank you for sharing. I could use a little regeneration, and it's neat to have some good ideas!

  7. music totally works for me. It helps me put my brain in the right place. I have dissertation music, fiction play lists, all kinds of stuff.

    I hit the gym a few times each week for a hard workout. I find that if I don't, I get pretty danged lazy.

  8. I get up early w/ the kids. But when hubby and the dog are curled up all snuggly wuggly in bed... I can't help but join them.

    But when I get up, stay up, and excersize I feel better and do some relaxing yoga before bed, I sleep better.