Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Thirteen 12/31

It's New Year's Eve, but I find that I'm not quite ready yet to shift my focus to the new year. This day is going to fly by and I'll be thrust into 2010, ready or not, before I know it. But for now, today is just Thursday.

What I was actually thinking about this morning was movies. My new year's celebration will most likely involve a movie fest, and I was remembering all my favorite movie scenes. You know, the one scene that can make even a terrible movie bearable, the scenes that stick with you.

So, here are my 13 of my favorite movie scenes.

1. When Aragorn pushes opens the doors to the throne room at Helms Deep in The Two Towers.

2. Near the end of the most recent Pride and Prejudice when Matthew McFadyen's Darcy struggles to say "I love you" to Elizabeth.

3. When Jason Bourne drives the car off the roof of the parking garage in Bourne Ultimatum.

4. In the newer version, when Edmund comes to take Fanny back to Mansfield Park. I love that carriage ride, where they both acknowledge and avoid their feelings for each other.

5. The first scene with Methos in Highlander End Game. Blah blah Duncan, broody broody blah blah, then ..... METHOS!

6. In P.S. I Love You, when they're reading the letters in Ireland. "Hey, Big Mama" has me bawling every time.

7. The dance party in steerage in Titanic.

8. Any scene with Jeremy Northam in Emma.

9. In 27 Dresses when Jane tells Tess, "Today you're just some b**ch who cut up my mother's wedding dress." Also love "Benny and the Jets."

10. I realize he's like twelve, but the scene with Jacob and Bella on the stairs at the movie theater in New Moon gets me, too. Something about the long hair pulled back in front, and the way he's into her is just yummy.

11. The scene where Jet Li pretends to be the takeout delivery guy at Aaliyah's apartment in Romeo Must Die.

12. In the new Star Trek when Spock tells the council to "Live long, and prosper" after they diss his mom. Love that.

13. In Serenity when they're discussing whether or not Inara's call is a trap. "Did you see us fight?.....No.....Trap."

Have a wonderful, safe celebration tonight. May the new year bring you all good things.


  1. Your list already brought me some smiles. Thanks.

  2. Love these, especially #1, #2, #9, #10, and #12. :) Happy New Year!

  3. The few of those movies I have seen, I have to agree, great moments... though, I have to admit, I don't really care one way or another about that first scene with Methos in Endgame. Partially because when I first saw it, I didn't know too much about the series and, thus, didn't care about Methos. And also partially because he was an underused character and he was slightly more of a cameo in that film.

    Oh, yeah, I'm also not sexually attracted to him at all.

  4. Great list. I loved that Aragorn scene. Happy New Year!

  5. Oh, yes to the Spock scene! Love it.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm glad everyone found a scene they liked.

    Lucius, I can see that if you weren't really familiar with the series, Methos wouldn't seem like anything all that great in Endgame. Having been a huge fan of the series, though, I'll take Methos any way I can get him, and not just because he's hot. (Although he is!)

    I love when Spock says "Fascinating" and does the eyebrow when he's in the red matter ship, too. Just the right touch and not overdone.

  7. Some great movie moments. I really like the Bourne movies. I must drag them out and watch them again.

  8. LOFF! These are some of my favorite ones too! :)

  9. Fun list. That first one - Aragorn pushing open the doors - is one of my all time faves, too.

    For ST, I love the one you chose w/ Spock, but I think my fave scene in that one is Kirk kicking back and biting into that apple during the test. LMAO.