Monday, May 3, 2010

The Time That is Given To Us...

This last couple of weeks has been a lesson in time. Rather, in changing my perceptions of time - how much time I need, how much time I have, all of it.

I had a week of vacation, and really did not get any writing done until Friday or Saturday. This was really disappointing for me. There is enough going on outside of writing that I did not anticipate having a large enough block of time to get much writing accomplished once I was back to work.

Since I did have a week of vaction, the urge to write is there again. The capacity to make the words in my head come out onto the paper is there again. I am definitely running into challenges finding time to write, however.

I have written on my lunch at work before, but the most recent story idea involved a graphic m/m bedroom scene, so I grabbed a notebook instead of opening a doc on the computer like normal. I still ran into a couple of interruptions (they're inevitable if I'm actually sitting my office) but I managed to get 10 or 15 minutes of good writing time in on Monday, got some reading done on Tuesday and Wednesday, and more writing on Thurs. I even managed to avoid editing too much while I was handwriting, just making notes in the margin about ideas I wanted to make sure and get across when it came time to actually type up the handwritten story. That allowed me to get a lot more done.

A similiar situation came up with my Wii Fit this weekend. I just wasn't doing it at all if I didn't feel like I had at least 30 minutes to devote to it - which meant I was only doing it on the weekends.

So I'm going to change how I look at time. I'm going to try and use short bursts of time to get something done instead of waiting for the big blocks of time that rarely happen. I'm going to celebrate what I do get done instead of grousing about all the things I didn't get done.

I hope everyone finds time today for something they didn't expect to get to.

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  1. I hope your plan is working out. A friend introduced me to an organizer called The Fly Lady (after the fishing that gal loves). It's a neat system, though my full time job trumped any interest in housecleaning over writing. :) Anyway, a big thing is to do anything for just fifteen minutes and you're surprised at what gets accomplished. Yay for writing without editing simultaneously. That's my big downfall to producing new story. You should link this to the group blog!